Ms Combes, my learning guide for this session – hi!!!

Hi there!
first post for this session – ETL401 – Teacher Librarianship. I assume my co-ordinator or support professionals will be viewing this at some stage so I say a big virtual hello!!! I have previously kept blogs and online accounts such as Pinterest, flickr and tumblr to log my hobbies such as crochet and constructing cool vintage interiors however this is the first tertiary account – the brainy one where my writings will be assessed – rather than simply admired for my chosen colours, placement of vintage fabrics or ply of yarn. I won’t waste your time, you must have squillions of blogs to read, but I leave you with an article link. The author writes about subjects I attempt to integrate within my own information pedagogy – ‘staying hip’ or keeping abreast of YA trends in order to assist or engage younger clients:

I am a librarian and I wear cool glasses…


One thought on “Ms Combes, my learning guide for this session – hi!!!

  1. Love your fun graphics, Reece, and your reflective/engaging dialogue! I was at the New Librarian Symposium a few weeks ago and Romany Manuel (academic librarian at RMIT) did a whole fabulous session about the hipster librarian based on this NYTimes article and the one a year later claiming the “death.” I’ll be sure to forward you anything she publishes about it because it was both hilarious and informative. Lots of hipsters in the audience, although by definition, would not admit it! 🙂 Looking forward to following you on your blog this session and watching you grow as a TL!

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