My thoughts regarding the implications of the changing information and library landscape for the broader information profession.

Change of any kind always requires individuals to adapt in some way however it
seems that librarians are having to learn, change and adapt at lightning speed.
Ideally, information professionals such as teacher librarians would remain
motivated, ahead and receive up-to-date training however is there too much
change, too quickly? Is the changing library landscape becoming a blur and
consequently new technlogies are sometimes not being utilised effectively in

It is wonderful to think of the school library evolving into an
‘iCentre’ where, Hough (2011) explains, is a hub of digital-learning within a
school. However, after speaking with various teacher librarians, it becomes
apparent that they struggle on a daily basis with lack of time, discipline,
funding and having to adapt too quickly. Such factors are hindering their
provision of information to students.

Considering the implications for broader information professionals, if the above conditions are commonplace (these were observations from a school and TAFE library) then individuals will be leaving schools and entering the community needing better skills in areas such as information literacy. Information professionals at public libraries or
higher education institutions will have an extra responsibility to ensure such
individuals have access to learning, resources and are able to effectively operate in a digital society.



Hough, M. (2011). Libraries as iCentres: helping schools.


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