TL and Curriculum Development

What is an appropriate role for the TL in curriculum development?

Having qualifications in both areas of education and information science, the TL is well placed to participate and an equal partner when planning school curriculum. As an instructional partner, the TL  supports teachers in the design and delivery of curriculum that is underpinned with information literacy and literacy skills.

What benefits can a school obtain from the active involvement of the TL in curriculum development?

As well as a supportive role, the TL is familiar with learning technologies, delivery modes and electronic resources and able to make suggestions to support the whole school curriculum with relevant resources. Further, involving the TL will ensure that the school learning goals are aligned with the library thus ensuring a united approach in achieve student learning outcomes

Should a principal expect that teachers would plan units of work with the TL?

As an educator and information manager, the TL is a valuable resource that would benefit classroom teachers. Thus it would not be unreasonable for the principal to expect the TL to plan collaboratively. However, if a librarian or library technician (who does not hold a teaching qualification) has been employed to cut costs, then the employee is not trained to engage in curriculum planning with classroom teachers and therefore should not be expected to complete such a task.

How are students disadvantaged in schools that exclude the TL from curriculum development?

The presence of a qualified TL within a school relates strongly to student achievement given that the TL is trained to provide resources that are relevant to and enhance the curriculum which facilitates learning. Students are disadvantaged if a TL is excluded from planning as the learning experiences that would otherwise be authentic and encourage independent learning  would perhaps fail to teach critical and higher order thinking skills.


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