How do we do it all?

Certainly, the TL can take on more than is manageable. As a teacher and library manager, it is easy to become caught up in the emergencies that present throughout the day – even if they do not concern the TL. For example, last minute unplanned lesson by a teacher, broken computers, re-shelving out of hand and so on. It may seem that there is no chance of ever reaching the core tasks of the TL which are achieving learning outcomes.

How to decide on allocated time

All plans and roles of the TL will differ according to context however the TL has to get tough, pin pointing their exact role and what jobs need doing. They must be realistic and decide what they will tolerate when giving away their time. This would involve turning away unorganised teachers or persisting with maintenance crews about broken equipment.

The ability to delegate and preserve sanity

In this activity, I’m assuming there is at least one teacher aide assigned to the library therefore some housekeeping tasks can be assigned to this person and the TL can take a monitoring role. The TL can then prioritise tasks that need attention and then they may concentrate on their role as a planner, manager, support to teachers and providing resources to promote learning. Prioritising can involve staff, empowering them with responsibility.


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