Assignment One


a) What is social networking?

Social networking may take place in person although in an online environment, social networking is simply communicating with other users via websites. Usually these users share a purpose or an interest.

b) Which social networking technologies do I already use?

Facebook – study

Flickr (personal) + study

pinterest (personal)

Ravelry (personal)

LinkedIn + study

Delicious + study

c) What do I expect to learn from INF506?

At present I use various networking sites for personal reasons and whilst this satisfies a social purpose I struggle to understand the technology beyond a superficial level. Given that I live in a rural area, I would like to learn how to use these sites with professional purpose and explore ways in which social media may be utilised to bridge the gaps between metropolitan and rural professionals. Further, I want insight into the younger users of these sites – their social needs, information seeking habits and ways of communicating. I anticipate this subject will increase my understanding about the world of young information seekers and hopefully to remain one step ahead!


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