OLJ – del.icio.us critical evaluation

Arranged as a folksonomy (Allen, 2011), del.icio.us is an online tool used to save and organise web links. Classifying links using tags and subject stacks, a user can keep many links as well as view other public link lists.

Creating a del.icio.us account was relatively quick and easy. Instructions and functions of the site are clear. This was possible due to the simple lay out of the site and few advertisements or pop-ups. Before INF506 I had not experienced del.icio.us and had struggled with an impossibly huge favourites list. Keeping an online collection of bookmarked links seemed risky given many links were essential to research and assessment. However, it seemed users can access bookmarks regardless of online location.

Finding and tagging links proved to also be a simple process. I was able to record information about each link such as date linked, comments regarding nature of link and tags to categorise each link – something that was not possible with home bookmarking. From here, my links could be organised and I could search other lists held by members of this strong community.

Del.icio.us is an incredibly simple way for organisations such as libraries or universities to engage with users and develop an online collection of resources. Value is again given when such institutions have access to further lists from any other organisation. This arrangement or collaboration means professionals, educators and students have access to organised resources and are not having to re-research already discovered information about a particular topic. Lists or stacks of such extent would, however, need to be monitored for out of date or broken links to ensure all sources remain current.


Allen, A. (2011). Taxonomies and folksonomies. Retrieved from http://knowledgebird.com/taxonomies-and-folksonomies/



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