Half Way – Social Media Reflections

It is quite some time since I have published anything on this blog. I have kept up with my OLJ, module activities and assignment submission however I haven’t been comfortable participating as a social networker.

I find being an active contributer to social networks quite confronting. I didn’t realise that I had deliberately hidden myself from followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Perhaps this stems from a lack of self esteem, although being stalked by crazy family members certainly is a driving factor. I feel uncomfortable that my old real estate agent knew within a few hours that I had registered with LinkedIn. Also, I’m reluctant to post or comment on the INF506 Facebook group – what if I write something incorrect? My previous comments have not been ‘liked’, do my contributions add value to the conversation?

I have, however, realised the essential part social networking has to play in libraries. Living in a rural area, I’ve seen first hand the number of people that depend on the virtual connection between user and librarian. Online catalogues, reserving books and asking questions are all services well used through the local library. Our council library is seen as a hub of the community I believe because it markets itself online so efficiently. If there is any community activities happening, the library has the details and extra resources to go with. Any feedback is encouraged and the librarians always seem eager to help. The dialogue fostered through social media has helped this perception.

At present I do not work full-time within a library, but I think I will enjoy working with social media much more when it has a professional purpose. I can see the point and the value of using social networking to engage with users, develop marketing strategies and connecting with other institutions or resources.


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