OLJ – Critical evaluation of ASUL achieving the 4c’s of social media

Arizona State University Libraries (ASUL) have created an interesting and informative page. Easy to navigate, I was motivated to explore the various services offered by this institution.The Library Minute YouTube collection and use of web 2.0 social tools certainly promoted and achieved the 4c’s of social media – Collaboration, Conversation, Community, and Content-Creation. Web 2.0 technologies utilised included Facebook, RSS Feed, Twitter, YouTube and also a presence on Instagram and iTunesU. The one minute videos highlighted various library services and resources such as location of academic articles and audio-visual materials. Further, clips also addressed library exhibits and media issues.

Conversation and community

Certainly an attempt at conversation via ASUL’s Facebook and Twitter pages was encouraged with regular posts and tweets.  Although Twitter as a community seems to be favoured by students with 2,547 followers as opposed to 594 likes on Facebook. A reason to explain such a difference may be that ASUL tweets contain useful and practical information such as links to the university’s feed and last minute changes whereas Facebook is more promotional, mentioning future events such as ‘Education Week’.


There was very little collaboration between library and users. Most Facebook posts had less than five likes and there was very rarely a comment. However, I do not feel the library is at fault, the option for suggestion, comment or feedback exists. Perhaps actually inviting opinions or comments may remedy this.

Content creation

The majority of content existing is created by ASUL staff and this may deter users from creating new content.  The promotion of Instagram may reduce feelings of vulnerability with users tagging images rather than having one’s name exposed such as on Facebook. The library’s Instagram account is successfully adding a human element in that the culture of is not perfect (Farkas, 2008) and constantly changing as shown with informal and fun photos. Pictures show librarians as Star Wars characters, cleaning up of big rubbish, working with students, big smiles and funny faces – all visually communicating that the library is alive, amongst the user community and working behind the scenes to improve.

Clips viewed:

The Library Minute: LIB 101 ASU Libraries Introduction. Retrieved 1st May 2014.

Important Library Minute: Mobile Security

The Library Minute: Interlibrary Loan Document

The Library Minute: Study Spaces Video

Access Week Continues!


Farkas, M.G. (2008). The essence of library 2.0. In Information Wants To Be Free. Retrieved from http://meredith.wolfwater.com/wordpress/2008/01/24/the-essence-of-library-20/


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